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Rachael Harrah is a distillation of foundational pieces designed for simplified dressing. For effortlessness and ease. It’s for the woman who lives life so richly that her clothing is the least interesting thing about her — she chooses garments that make her feel like her best self. They are witness on her journey of becoming the complex, curious, passionate person, woman and mother she was born to be.


We believe in:

The clarity to discern what objects, ideas, and values best serve us, and the boldness to rid ourselves of what doesn’t.
Less striving for perfection, more acceptance of who we are right now.
This thought: the greatest components of life are not the things we own.

All Rachael Harrah pieces are ethically made and garment dyed in Los Angeles, California, just a few miles from my home. Using all natural fabrics and low impact dyes, each piece is made in alignment with nature. They are mama friendly and as functional and durable as they are beautiful.

"As you simplify life the laws of the universe will be simpler." - Thoreau