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In the Wildflower Garden: An Editorial with Emilie Ann Szabo
Emilie Anne Szabo is a photographer and stylist in Minneapolis. Emilie's ethereal work has a way ofcapturing moments and memories that stay with you long after you see her images. They are beautiful and touching, weaving in the stories of her subjects without the need for words. Read on to learn more about her and her inspiration behind this lovely spring editorial, featuring the Short Sleeve in Natural and the Wrap Dress in Rust.

Share with us the story or inspiration behind this editorial.

"I shot these pieces at Eloise Butler Wildflower garden, which is one of my favorite places in the world. It is a very large gated wildflower garden with changing blooms each season amongst gnarly trees and rolling hills. It is so magical. I had a memory with two dear friends that I wanted to re-create. It was maybe 10 years ago, we hiked a bluff in Red Wing that was covered in tall grasses and wildflowers. We picked berries and blooms and picnicked all afternoon long. It was a very sweet and serene memory. Rachael Harrah’s pieces are so light and versatile, made of linen and breathable, I felt they needed to be shot outdoors in nature. This memory came to mind when I saw the pieces and thought they would fit perfectly at this garden."

Tell us more about your work.

"I have always loved photography and have shot for a very long time. In the last 4 years I’ve primarily worked with clients styling and photographing product for look books, social media or branding/re-branding shoots. Many of my clients are small businesses or makers, which I love. It is such a powerful thing to understand a brand, and then create images to convey meaning, emotion, purpose and beauty. Although I love to work with each brand to understand their aesthetic and style, I definitely have my own aesthetic that comes through, I would describe it as romantic, ethereal, and sometimes moody. I am really inspired by olden times, all things handmade, the outdoors, interior design, and the English countryside, well actually all of Europe. :)"

Where can we learn more about you?

"If anyone is interested in connecting, it would be a delight to hear from you! My website is where I have more of my work and contact info. However I probably update my Instagram account most frequently with new work, @emilieanneszabo."